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Sherpa Adventure Gear - Sherpa Sweaters and Jackets

A modern brand - an old tradition - Sherpa Adventure Gear is the new fashion sensation from the Himalayas. For decades, mountaineers have relied on the highly experienced Sherpas as their loyal companions when it comes to climbing the treacherous slopes of the Himalayas. The Sherpas are the ones who find their way into the dizzying heights of the Himalayas, carry their luggage and take the dangers to secure the safety ropes. In this spirit, Sherpa Adventure Gear wants to honor the legendary high altitude climbers with equipment that lives up to its name. Founded by Sherpa itself, Sherpa Adventure Gear is a small brand with a big heart. Each authentic garment reflects a piece of the Sherpas' homeland: a piece of the Himalayas. So whether you're climbing an unspoiled mountain peak, wandering through an extensive savannah or exploring the exotic markets of distant lands, Sherpa has the perfect equipment for every season to make you feel safe, comfortable and comfortable, while still looking good.

The Sherpa Jacket - The Infinite Knot

For hundreds of years it has been a distinctive feature of Sherpas culture to find beautiful ways to dress warm, dry and comfortable in the world's highest mountains. This tradition, handed down for countless generations, combines Sherpa Adventure Gear with the latest high-tech materials and modern designs. The developed clothing is tested to the extreme by a proven team of experienced Sherpas - in the Himalayas. Only after passing the test can the equipment be decorated with the Sherpa logo: the infinite knot. Each garment is a symbol of the time-honoured ideas and the humility of the Sherpas. The endless loop of the knot represents the journey of the heart, the harmony of wisdom and passion, the unity of thoughts, words and deeds.

Sherpa Adventure Gear - A brand for a better world

Since the company was founded and is managed by a Sherpa himself, there is a particularly close connection with the culture of the Sherpas. Sherpa Adventure Gear is important to give perspective to people who often live in poor circumstances. Therefore, a large part of the products are manufactured directly in Kathmandu, Nepal. Made in Nepal "- this is a quality feature and an opportunity. In this way Sherpa creates high-quality jobs where they are most needed. Through permanent employment and education programmes that will ensure the survival of future generations, Sherpa makes economic and social stability a reality for the Nepalese people. In addition, for each garment sold by Sherpa, a small donation will be made in support of scholarships for Sherpa children growing up in the remote villages of the Himalayas. The company grows from year to year. But in essence, Sherpa always sees itself as a small family business, doing business in the inimitable manner of the Sherpas:

Step by step, help each other to ascend and never lose sight of the goal

From Sherpa T-Shirt to cult brand: A young story with historical depth

2003 is the birth year of this still young brand. It is the fiftieth anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest by New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and a sherpa named Tenzing Norgay. When Tashi Sherpa, later founder and CEO of Sherpa Adventure Gear, strolls through Manhattan's urban canyons that year, his gaze falls on a poster depicting the two men. And there is another person in the picture: Ang Gyalzen Sherpa - Tashi Sherpa's uncle. He was also involved in making this expedition to Mount Everest a success.
However, his reputation and fame, let alone a secure livelihood, were not granted to him. The thought of that didn't let go of Tashi Sherpa. That was the birth of Sherpa Adventure Gear. It should be a brand for the unnoticed heroes in the background. With products for ambitious mountaineers as well as for style-conscious city dwellers. At the same time, Sherpa Adventure Gear is intended to give the Nepalese mountain people of the Sherpas a future.