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Quartz Co. the new trend from Canada

Quartz Nature has been producing Canadian down parkas in Quebec, Canada for 20 years. Until now, the brand has been more of a shadowy existence alongside big players such as Canada Goose or Woolrich. This changed when the two young brothers Xavier and Jean Philipe Robert bought the brand together with an investor. Much has been changed and improved since then.

Quartz Co Parkas - formerly Quartz Nature

First of all, the brand name was changed from Quartz Nature to Quart Co. The new name reflects the modern style of the brand. In addition, all styles have been reworked or completely renewed. The exterior materials became even more noble, the designs more recent, details were improved and everything was lined with beautiful pictures. The result is a very modern, young brand with enormous potential.

What distinguishes a perfect Canadian down jacket?

Canadian manufacturers of premium quality down jackets already have a number of products, so what distinguishes Quartz Co? There are some differences, which in total really lead to a first-class result. First of all, each Quartz Parka is waterproof and breathable thanks to a membrane laminated from the inside. Hardly any other manufacturer can claim this from their jackets. Normally, only impregnated face materials are used. Quartz does the same, but each jacket has an additional membrane with a water column of 10,000mm.

Quartz jackets are fashionable. Are there others too? Take a look at the details and you will be convinced. These are the upper materials that simply have unique structures. They are small leather applications on zippers, integrated "inner vests" for warmer days, super practical pocket arrangements with well thought-out details, perfect, masculine and feminine cuts.

Quartz jackets are practical! Every Quartz jacket that has a fur on the hood is machine-washable. Each coat can be easily removed separately. Then simply use a down detergent and your jacket will look as good as new even after years.

Quartz jackets don't smell. The down is antibacterially treated and washed. A Quartz jacket has no unpleasant down smell. Quartz jackets are light but warm. Maybe you know this one. You find a warm down parka but in this one you look like a Michelin man? Not with a down parka from Quartz Co. Thanks to the high quality down, it is possible to make the jackets relatively light - but they are still pleasantly warm and perfect for Central European winters. See for yourself!

Quartz Co Parkas have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects!