How to wash a down jacket - tips and tricks.

Washing a down jacket – this is how it's done!

Please note in advance: We do not accept any liability for defects that might occur when washing your jacket. Canada Goose recommends that jackets are dry-cleaned only and does not provide any guarantee for "accidents" that might occur during washing. Our experience with the following instructions has been very good, but we cannot logically provide any guarantee for "accidents". In case of doubt, ask your dry-cleaner for advice, or better yet, contact “Outdoor Service” in Berlin. They specialise in the cleaning and repair of down jackets and sleeping bags.

These instructions for "washing down jackets" should ensure that you can still enjoy your Canada Goose jacket after several washes. The biggest problem is preventing the down from clumping during the washing and drying process. Essentially, one should wash a down jacket as little as possible, though as often as is necessary. Even if you follow every tip, the down filling can lose insulating ability due to frequent washing. We therefore recommend that you do not wash your down jacket more than two times per winter season.

When washing your down jacket, the following instructions should be observed:

  • First of all, the coyote fur must be removed! If you have a model without a zip for the fur, you should have the jacket dry-cleaned. The fur can be washed by hand under lukewarm water (without soap!) and hung up to dry. In order that the fur remains thick and fluffy, it can be briefly blow-dried at a low heat and from a sufficient distance.
  • Now turn the jacket inside out and put it into the washing machine on its own.
  • You can optionally put 2-3 tennis balls into the wash with it. These ensure that the down does not get too clumpy in the wash.
  • Select a temperature no higher than 30° C and preferably use a delicate cycle. Do not spin at more than 1200 revolutions/min.
  • Only use a special down detergent. In our experience, Fiber Tec Down Wash is very good. Never use a colour detergent or fabric conditioner, as these can damage the down.

Drying a down jacket – This is how you maintain the isolation performance of your jacket

When drying your down jacket, you should use a clothes dryer. Drying down jackets by hand runs the risk of not being able to shake out the clumping properly or of residual damp remaining in the down. This absolutely must be prevented, as damp down can quickly become musty.

  • Put your jacket into the dryer with 2-3 tennis balls.
  • Select a delicate cycle if possible, so that the outer fabric does not become overheated. Avoid high temperatures when drying. It is better to dry for a long period at a lower temperature.

Check after drying that the down is really 100% dry. Shake the jacket really well once more and hang it in a well-ventilated position for a further 24 hours.

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