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With their women’s collection, Dale of Norway pays special attention to exceptional patterns, fashionable colors, lively details, and, above all, a feminine cut. The selection ranges from Après-Ski fashion to everyday office-appropriate models to urban styles, allowing you to step out in even the most stylish of cities.

Snuggly Women’s Norwegian Sweaters

Our coldseason shop specializes in offering premium winter brands and a large selection of outdoor labels. Products from Kjus, Dale of Norway and Canada Goose are guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality of polar outer garments and winter accessories. A highlight at coldseason.de is the astonishingly warm and soft women’s Norwegian sweaters.

Women’s Norwegian Sweaters from Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is the traditional top label for women’s Norwegian sweaters, and offers a wide range of high quality products. The Norge Feminine sweater combines famous classic Norwegian design and a popular terra cotta brown color scheme. A distinguishing feature of this feminine Norwegian sweater is its combination of warm merino wool and easy care. An attractive standing collar with a 1/4 zipper ensures maximum comfort around the neck.

Original and traditional, the St. Moritz Feminine sweater has it all. With its colorful red and white color scheme referencing the Swiss ski metropolis, this sweater manages to be true to Norwegian sweater tradition. And that’s not all: the cut of this exceptional, feminine sweater is sure to keep the contours of your body warm during a day on the slopes.

All in all, Dale of Norway women’s sweaters offer a unique blend of warmth, breathability and weather resistance.

Product Descriptions of Women’s Norwegian Sweaters

Women’s Norwegian sweaters are perfect for everything from the cold of winter to the polar outdoors, and ultimately, they owe their creation to this climatic basic requirement. Thanks to its robust and durable weather resistance, this sweater offers the best warmth possible. The rich and high quality wool used in all products make these women’s sweaters equally extra warm, windproof and water resistant: with these you can defy any weather! And there’s more: thanks to a comfortable and movement-friendly cut, these soft Norwegian sweaters are also ideal for wearing around the house. With a zippered standing collar or a low, rounded collar, all Norwegian women’s sweaters can be combined with comfortable leisure clothing such as jeans or t-shirts for a great effect. Finally, thanks to the exceptional quality of materials, all Norwegian sweaters are astonishingly easy to care for.

Stay stylish and warm all winter with women’s Norwegian sweaters from the online shop coldseason.de.