Does Canada Goose really give a lifetime guarantee on its products?

Yes - because all Canada Goose products consist only of the best materials, are hand-sewn in Canada and then subjected once again to individual quality testing, it is possible for Canada Goose to provide a lifetime guarantee!


Which products are covered by this lifetime guarantee?

The Canada Goose lifetime guarantee covers all products that can be bought from an official Canada Goose dealer, such as


What can lead to the loss of guarantee claims?

The Canada Goose products may not be further processed. A jacket that has been altered by a tailor is no longer under guarantee. Furthermore, guarantee claims are lost, if the manufacturer's original sewn-in labels are removed.


Which damages are covered by the guarantee?

The Canada Goose guarantee covers defects attributable to defective manufacture or production errors.


Which damages are not covered by the guarantee?  

Damages that occur due to improper use, accidents and the appearance of wear and tear through the daily use or carelessness are not recognised as valid guarantee claims.


What happens with a defective jacket?

The defective garment is sent to Canada Goose. There the decision is made as to whether it is a valid guarantee claim or not. Of course, the customer is informed of the decision. If it is a valid guarantee claim, the manufacturer can either repair the defect or provide a replacement.


What do I do, if it is not a valid guarantee claim?

The repair partner for Canada Goose in Germany is “Outdoor Service” in Berlin. They have been professionally cleaning and repairing down jackets and down sleeping bags for many years. If you would like to have your jacket repaired yourself, this is the best place to contact. They can offer you professional support at a reasonable price.


Where can I report a guarantee claim?

Simply contact the authorized specialist supplier where you bought your jacket directly. If it came from us, please contact us using this form or call us directly. We'll take care of it!


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