Sorel Shoes

The traditional Canadian brand Sorel has been known for its craftsmanship in the footwear sector since 1962. The high-quality and robust winter shoes for men and women are famous for their durability and functionality. But they are especially loved for their rugged look and perfect insulation properties.

The innovative combinations of hard-wearing leather uppers, ergonomic sole constructions and comfortable inner shoes convinced COLDSEASON a long time ago and made Sorel part of the brand portfolio.
Sorel footwear - collections and product features

Winter Collections

In this winter collection, SOREL combines sophisticated designs with elaborate workmanship in a new way. Highly functional materials and sealed seams offer the best protection against water and extreme cold. Soft leather, bold colours, clever harness systems and fur and wool accents create stunning outdoor styles on our streets this winter.

Polar Lite™ Shell This lower part of the boot - the sole area - consists of a waterproof and ergonomically shaped rubber outer shell that remains fl exible even under extreme cold conditions and protects the toes from the cold. The underlying soft and elastic EVA midsole construction (ethylene vinyl acetate) is extremely durable, provides the necessary cushioning while running and additionally protects against the cold with its insulating properties. The Polar Lite™ Shell is rounded off by the stable outsole. It is elastic and offers optimal grip on snow and ice thanks to its different structure.

Thinsulate Insulation™ For thermal insulation, Sorel uses lightweight materials such as felt, microfibres and wool blends that are breathable and wick moisture from the inside to the outside. Many models in the winter collection have removable, multi-layer liners (Thermoplus®) with reinforced heel and sealed seams.

EVA footbed The ergonomically shaped, usually removable insole prevents slipping back and forth in the shoe. In some models of the winter collection, this footbed has an additional heel support.

Autumn Collections

The Autumn Collection uses different waterproof outer materials for our Sorel shoes, such as leather or vulcanised rubber. Soft materials, such as microfibres or felt lining in the shell, provide thermal insulation. Some models are lined with microfl eece, Lycra or wool blends. This autumn will be even cosier and damn chic.
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