Smartwool Underwear

SmartWool is an excellent example of a brand that has successfully reconciled top quality, sophisticated functionality and environmentally conscious production for over 17 years. The US brand, praised as a "comfort expert", produces socks as well as base layers and midlayers made of the finest merino wool for mountain sports, always focusing on the specific requirements for the respective area of use.

SmartWool pays very close attention to which wool suppliers it works with. It is important how the sheep are bred and kept, when and how they are shorn and what they are fed - the quality of life of the Merino sheep has a direct influence on the quality of the wool obtained and thus on SmartWool's products.

The aim is to limit the impact on the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process by subjecting production methods and partners to the most rigorous testing time and time again. The quality of the products and the way they are manufactured, with their focus on environmental protection, convinced COLDSEASON a long time ago to make SmartWool part of their portfolio.
Smartwool underwear made from merino wool

Merino sheep provide wool fibres that have an ideal length, thickness, initial colour and strength for the production of the legendary SmartWool socks and Smartwool underwear. In addition, merino wool brings with it natural properties that are very important for SmartWool products: It is breathable, elastic and resistant. The ultra-thin fibres of merino wool are the reason why SmartWool clothing does not feel scratchy and adapts perfectly to the wearer's body shape.

Merino wool is also dirt-repellent, as the scales and crimp that give it its shape prevent dirt from penetrating the fibre surface. As the fibres are also anti-static, they attract less dust and lint. During sweaty activities, merino wool prevents moisture from remaining in the material. This means that odour-causing bacteria don't stand a chance. Keratin, the protein that gives wool its special elasticity and strength, also ensures that wool is naturally water-repellent. It can easily repel small amounts of liquid from its surface.

SmartWool fabrics provide warmth without bulk. The garment's designs are such that it can be easily wornaa under other layers: for example, cuffs that fit under midlayers and jackets, or staggered zips that do not overlap directly. The moisture-absorbing merino wool, comfortable fits and intelligent ahtpositioning are skilfully combined in SmartWool to avoid abrasion and chafing against the skin. By using different yarn counts, SmartWool underwear can be designed for both warm and cold outdoor temperatures without losing the comfort and temperature- and moisture-regulating properties of wool.

NTS Collection

The NTS (Next-to-Skin) Collection tops and bottoms form SmartWool's top line and are suitable for all seasons, as the garments in this series come in three different material weight classes - depending on what you want to wear them for. Here, care is taken to ensure that the products contain an optimal amount of wool with maximum wearing comfort. This means more wool in the areas where the body cools down easily and less in the areas where it produces a lot of heat.

PHD & Hiking Collection

SmartWool socks are also made mostly of merino wool. Their temperature- and moisture-regulating properties keep feet dry and thus ensure a stable fit in the shoe. Merino wool socks do not wrinkle or bulge, preventing blisters during sports activities.

4 Degree Fit System SmartWool has developed the 4 Degree Fit System for its PhD socks. This four-point support system provides a secure and comfortable fit at the heel, arch and instep.

WOWTM technology WOWTM (Wool-on-Wool) technology was also developed for the PhD socks. Here, part of the nylon in the high-wear zones (heel and forefoot) has been replaced with more merino wool to make the socks even more comfortable.

Graduated Compression Technology PhD socks create a pressure gradient from the lower ankle to the knee with their integrated graduated compression technology, which promotes blood circulation and supports the bloodfl uss flow back to the heart. Legs do not swell and the body regenerates faster.

SmartWool Fit System The original SmartWool Fit System was developed specifically for SmartWool's Hiking models. With two supportive straps around the arch and ankle, it ensures a first-class fit.

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