Sigurd Mens Sweater Green

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Sigurd sweater is decorated with horn buttons, runes (ancient letters) and Viking symbols. Similar to the Dale of Norway Tor sweater. The Freja rune on the sleeves is associated with love and beauty, but also with witchcraft and war. Two other runes interlock with the Freja rune and balance it out: one represents love, the other eternity. The Ægishjalmur rune on the sleeves is meant to make your enemies afraid of you, but also to prevent abuse of power. The back is adorned with Yggdrasil, the evergreen "world tree" from Norse mythology, whose branches reach to the heavens and whose roots extend to the underworlds. Since this tree supports the whole world, the health of the world depends on the well-being of Yggdrasil.

The sweater is named after the mythological hero Sigurd Fåvnesbane, who kills the dragon Fáfnir (Fåvne) in the Volsunge saga.

Sigurd men's sweater is made of 100% fine Norwegian wool from the first shearing of the sheep. The short fibers of the wool make the yarn finer and softer, which gives us a light, warm and comfortable sweater. The neck is lined with skin-soft merino wool.

Norwegian wool is one of the most animal-friendly textile fibers in the world. Our wool comes from the "dalasau" ("valley sheep"), known to roam freely on the vast Norwegian slopes and graze on natural pastures. A revolutionary new wool treatment with natural, non-toxic salts makes this jacket soft and machine washable.


  •     100% fine Norwegian wool
  •     Neckline made of skin-soft merino wool
  •     Designed and knitted in Norway
  •     Machine washable on wool cycle
  •     All our wool is mulesing free
  •     Regular fit
  •     S-XXL
  •     30.5 micron
  •     7 gauge
  •     6 plies

  • Brand: Dale of Norway
  • : Men
  • Color: Green
  • : Pullover
  • Size: S
  • Outer material: 100% Norwegian new wool
  • Hersteller: daleofnorway
  • Membran: keine Membran
  • Passform: Masculine
  • Kollektion: Sport
  • Herstellerfarbe: Green / Black

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