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"Trends come and go, but style, functionality and quality are timeless." - This is the guiding principle that the Canadian brand Nobis has taken to heart and maintained for 40 years. There are not many that manage the balancing act between constantly growing demands for quality and functionality and the desire for a fashionable look. Nobis manages this without losing sight of its own values and traditions.

It should therefore come as no surprise to anyone that COLDSEASON welcomes this exceptional brand to its portfolio.
Nobis Parka - Collections and Features

The Core Outerwear

Nobis knows only too well that Canadian duck down has unique insulating properties and uses it in its ultra-warm men's and women's jackets. But the Canadians have also realised that winter means not only snow and cold, but also rain and icy winds. How does Nobis master the challenge of making its down jackets also waterproof and windproof? The secret lies in the choice of materials and their workmanship. All seams of the Nobis parka are sealed from the inside. This means that the seams of Nobis are also absolutely waterproof. Two different materials are used for the outer shell, both with a breathable and waterproof membrane. An additional breathable fabric inside makes the lining 100% down-proof.

NOBIS PREMIUM POLY/WOOL BLEND Developed for maximum heat resistance and moisture management, this fabric combines the natural properties of wool with those of synthetic fibres. The material is coated with a windproof and waterproof Sympatex® membrane that withstands a 10,000 water column and reliably transports vapours to the outside. In addition, the surface is treated with an impregnation that protects against stains and allows water to roll off, while maintaining breathability.

POLYESTER CROSSHATCH SHELL (POLYESTER) This outer material, made of cross-woven polyester threads, is not only comfortable to wear, but is also extremely tear and abrasion resistant. It is also highly resistant to UV rays and does not fade. Although polyester generally absorbs almost no water and therefore dries faster, Nobis has also equipped its Crosshatch Shell with the waterproof and breathable Sympatex® membrane and impregnated the outside.

YKK® The Japanese company Yoshida Koyo (YKK®), founded in 1934, is the largest producer of zips and is world-famous for its quality zips. As a long-standing partner, YKK® supplies all heavy-duty zips for Nobis' production.

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