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In Norway, the art of wool processing and spinning yarn dates back to the Middle Ages. People used the local nature to create products that kept people warm in winter, but with a particular demand for aesthetics. Each clan had its own symbols, which were woven into the wool clothing for the purpose of recognition - the birth of the "Norwegian sweaters" with their typical patterns.

Dale of Norway has remained true to the deeply rooted Norwegian tradition of wool spinning and weaving since its founding in 1872 and has continued to refine and perfect this craft. Today, the traditional company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium knitwear. In the processing of its products, Dale of Norway makes use of over 130 years of weaving and knitting art and uses 100% ecological sheep's wool.

Even the electricity for production is sustainable and comes from hydroelectric power plants. COLDSEASON is proud to be able to offer this quality label in its portfolio for several years now
The most important features of the Dale of Norway sweaters

Material and design

No man-made synthetic fabric can fully possess the same unique properties that wool naturally brings. Sheep's wool is breathable - it allows moisture to escape from the inside to the outside, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

The high percentage of air in wool can insulate against both heat and cold, providing ideal comfort on both cold and warm days. Wool is also odor-resistant, antibacterial, extremely durable, antistatic and wrinkle-resistant - it can be used for both functional outdoor and fine-knit wool garments. When developing the knitting patterns used, Norwegians have always been inspired by their nature and history.

The unique collection of traditional knitting patterns is the core of Dale of Norway design. Despite all the tradition, this label always moves with the times. Fashionable cuts, functional details and ever new technical finesses in yarn spinning and wool processing make it clear that Dale of Norway is a master at successfully combining the tried and true with the new.

WATER REPELLENT WOOL Dale of Norway has developed a unique technology that allows each fiber to be coated with a water repellent layer. This coating also makes the garment oil and dirt repellent.

POLARWIND-MEMBRAN garments that have this ultra-thin and laminated protective skin are completely windproof. Due to its composition and structure, the Polarwind membrane is extremely comfortable to wear and generates less noise in windy conditions than other windproof fabrics. In addition, it has outstanding breathable properties - it transports moisture enormously quickly from the inside to the outside and is therefore perfect for sports activities in cold conditions.

KNITSHELL™ This weatherproof outer material is made of pure wool. The yarn used is extremely water repellent and layered to form a windproof, soft shell that offers maximum comfort. In addition, the outer shell maintains the pressure and temperature difference between the body and the surrounding air, in other words, it insulates the body heat. Garments equipped with Knit-shell™ defy the most adverse weather conditions and are therefore ideally suited for winter sports. However, their cuts and colors also make these jackets a fashionable companion for strolling around town on windy, cold days.

WOOL AND YARNS Dale of Norway uses different types of wool and yarns depending on the intended use of the garment. Often these are also combined. These include yarns made from 100% virgin wool, while others are made from merino wool and feel especially soft against the skin. For thinner indoor clothing, particularly fine yarns are used that have the weight of light hosiery wool. Nanotech-treated yarns are used when stain and water repellent properties are required.

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